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Five best places to travel

Updated: May 12, 2021

There are indeed several incredible vacation spots across the world! Choosing top 5 might be tricky. Here, we have picked the best destinations that are worth to visit. So let’s start with our #1 on the list–


Dubai has always been at the top of everyone’s priority list. It's beautiful beaches, exquisite food, and of course The Burj Khalifa will win your heart for sure. You can experience various joyful activities like scuba diving, skydiving, gyroscope ride, and many more. You can also drive in the desert, and have a BBQ meal there.


Paris, the city of romance, is an incredible destination for truing out the exotic cuisine, sightseeing, and enjoying the romantic atmosphere. Whether you climb the Eiffel Tower, roam the streets of Montmartre, or explore the stunning art collections of the Louvre, Paris is a dream destination.

3.Las Vegas

Popularly known as a "Sin-City" Las Vegas is the city of enjoyment. You can play poker and party all night. Or, visit the popular brand showrooms! The vibrant nightlife of the Nevada Desert will amaze you! Fancy inns to world-class restaurants, Las Vegas offers you fantastic treats.

4.The pyramids of Giza

Built around 2560 BC, the Great Pyramid of Giza is the oldest and only remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still intact. Historians are still amazed at the methods used by the ancient Egyptians to create the giant pyramid complex of Giza. So, to experience the history and human wonders, keep this place on your must-visit destination list!

5.New York City

The Big Apple of the United States is a true feast for your senses. From the fascinating shopping to the thriving arts scene, New York has something for everyone. Its busy streets, huge shopping malls, and most importantly, New York Times Square will leave anyone awestruck.


Those were the top 5 vacation destinations. If you also got inspired, pack your bags now!

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