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We endeavor to make your holidays terrific and unforgettable. With our lavish and luxurious services, you will surely experience the most out of your vacation! Check out the deluxe amenities we offer our guests for a delightful trip.


Culinary Experiences

Traveling to a place remains incomplete unless you savor its popular scrumptious dishes! We arrange the feast for you! Taking note of your tastes and preferences, we present you with the famous dishes and desserts of your travel destination.  Proper hygiene and cleanliness are maintained while preparing the meals. Munch in the savory foods and enjoy exotic culinary experiences by booking your holiday package with us!


Missing out on the vibrant parties and nightlife while exploring the vacation spot is so not done! Vibe with the exotic culture and groove on the musical beats! From afternoon bashes at the seashore to exciting late-night clubs, we let you enjoy every event with delicious drinks on your hands!  Make your vacation impressive by experiencing lively and energetic events with your friends and families.


Holiday Packages

Choose the destination of your dream, and we will arrange the perfect trip for you! With our holiday package, you can experience a secure, convenient, and pleasurable vacation! We offer you the most luxurious transport and accommodation amenities, letting you explore every corner of your preferred destination.  Book our package, pack your luggage, and set out to travel around your wonderland!

Private Jets

Make your journey comfortable and relaxing with our private jet services! The jets we select for you are equipped with a full set-up kitchen and stocked with delicious meals and beverages. The super comfy seats, along with the calm and serene ambiance, increase the fun and zeal of your holiday trip twice more.  Get our inclusive private jet amenities and make your holiday and business trip stress-free and enjoyable!


Limousine/ Transportation 

Explore the top-notch sights and tourist spots of your dream destination in a limo! With us, you can relish premium limousine service at the best price.  Well, the limo is the most classy and sophisticated car, and we let our guests enjoy a ride in it! Explore all the undiscovered locations of your destination while riding on a limo!


Escape the monotonous daily life routine by opting for our cruise/yacht service. With a deluxe set-up and luscious foods and drinks arrangement, we let you relish the enclosing scenario of your dream destination. Choose the package that you desire and take pleasure in the beauty of the serene and tranquil nature with your dear folks! We ensure proper safety and security while arranging the cruise/yacht trip for you.


Adventures / Tour Packages

At one point or another, every person has wished to be a part of an adventurous journey at least once in their whole lifetime. And we are here to give shape to your dream! Have an adventurous vacation with us!  Explore the cuisine, culture, and lifestyle of the locals of different exotic locations! Pick our holiday packages and make your trip adventurous yet luxurious.

Luxury Travel Services

When you choose our travel services, we take care of your, small to big, requirements, promising you a blissful and pleasing trip. From transport, culinary to accommodation, we offer a deluxe service, catering to all your needs and necessities. At E Vacation, we are committed to making your trip delightful and exciting.  Our team responds to your queries promptly, offering a luxurious treatment!   



Won’t you like to take a small part of your holiday destination to your home that can help you recall the sweet memories? Then, make sure to take some majestic souvenirs along with you. We will help you to explore the finest and most lively shopping destinations of your dreamland! So, what are you waiting for? Book your holiday trip today!

Set Up Business

Are you looking forward to setting up your own business in Dubai? It can probably the best decision of your life! Since Dubai is a well-progressing city and you can sure make serious money. With us, you can manage your start-up business smoothly. We will equip you with all the aids required to commence a business.

Business Meeting
Traveling by Air

Travel Insurance

We offer four comprehensive travel insurance plans

  • International Travel Insurance

  • Student Travel Insurance

  • Domestic Travel Insurance, and

  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance.

You can choose a plan depending on your travel patterns and needs.

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